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Frame houses

If you are seeking any environment you and your family live, sleep, leisure activities, you should be interested to talk with us and get useful information especially if you do not have housing or are going to change it.

Today, the construction industry has reached such a level that everyone can choose from around the world in building a variety of materials. By analyzing the properties of each material, we find a greater or lesser disadvantages: heat conductivity, the accumulation of radiation, electromagnetic fields, compressive strength, abrasion, atmospheric effects, etc., etc. ..

By offering you a prefabricated house, we choose the following combinations of building materials to maximize product line with environmentally clean, warm, comfortable, healthy dwelling house name.

The warm, healthy, cheap, comfortable and beautiful - the following properties are characterized by the most wooden frame houses. They have long been built in America, Canada, Scandinavian countries and is now rapidly gaining popularity in Western Europe. This construction has a sufficiently long tradition and Lithuania, only the spot formerly used Pluktas clay, straw, chaff, sawdust and lime, we can offer the next generation of materials: PAROC, ROCKWOOL, Izover, Termoli, ECO Watt - building insulation. Various difuzinėmis intelligent film, Steam insulation film protects the building from wind and moisture while allowing him to breathe. Gypsum board, gypsum fiber panels used for interior decoration, and smallpox and sawdust concrete slabs - the stiffening of the building. External finish, depending on the customer's request, can be carried out very differently: masonry, plaster, various configurations of wood, plastic, concrete siding.

Large amount of wood in the building creates a good microclimate, such as the unique characteristics regulating the moisture content, does not have any other construction material. And what a warm material, as much as it accumulated solar energy, comfort, although the take-up and build housing made of logs! Unfortunately, excessive timber thermal conductivity and bright dimensional changes depending on the moisture, prevents a single log building to harmonize the basic requirements of modern construction.

Our company's engineers-designers who work with computerized home design programs, find ways to technically implement any of your choice. They will select the appropriate design solutions, and skilled workers will install it in the design of 2 mm.